Novel Extract for Critique 005: ‘Criss Cross’ by Caron Allan

Novel Extract for Critique 005: Criss Cross by Caron Allan

Welcome to Morgen’s Online Novel Writing Group and the fifth novel extract on this blog. This 4,982-word extract is from ‘Criss Cross’, a crime novel by Caron Allan. Please do comment in the section below telling us what you liked about this extract and, what if anything, the author could do to improve upon it. Thank you – it’s very much appreciated! I will chip in but I’ll let others have a go first. 🙂

Caron asks, “Please let me know how I can improve synopsis and tagline skills, feedback on cover and general HELP! with writing style and content.”

Criss Cross coverTagline: Monica killed Cressida’s mother-in-law, what could be fairer than Cressida kills Monica’s philandering husband?  After all, they are best friends.

Synopsis: Spoilt society girl Cressida Barker-Powell confides to her journal that she plans to murder her unbearable mother-in-law. But when she arrives at the scene, she finds the old woman already dead. Obviously her Hitchcock-Movie-loving best pal, Monica, has already carried out the deed for her! Taking the murder-switch idea from the movie, Cressida decides the only proper way to show her gratitude is by killing off Monica’s philandering husband and his bimbo girlfriend. After all, Monica of all people should appreciate the idea of swapping murders? That’s what she wants, right? No. Cressida quickly discovers that unfortunately this was not what her friend had in mind, and now Monica is devastated and planning to exact a terrible revenge. Which means their friendship is definitely over. Isn’t it?

Criss Cross

Sun 24 June

To my darling Cressida

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!  Have fun writing down all your thoughts and plans and dreams, then, when we’re old and grey we can sit together on that terrace in Capri and watch the sun go down, we can drink a glass of wine and you can read me the spicy bits from this journal and we will have a jolly good laugh and talk about the old days!

With all my love forever and ever

Thomas xx

Same day – 10.35pm

She must die!!!!  I hate her!!!  I refuse to put up with her a moment longer, she is an evil, conniving old bitch without a grain of family feeling and it’s time she was dead!!!!

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Welcome to Morgen’s Novel Writing Group

Hello and welcome. The idea for an online writing group came to me as I walked my dog around the park (as good ideas often do) on Sunday 6th January 2013. I’ve recently set up a Feedback section on my main (Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog) blog but that’s just a list of readers / writers willing / offering to provide feedback and they then go off and talk amongst themselves. But I know from my now-weekly Red Pen Critique slot how useful open critique is to other writers.

Within a few hours I’d set up Morgen’s Online Short Story Writing Group and Morgen’s Online Poetry Writing Group then thought that a novel writing group was the next step. I also set up Facebook groups for them and there’s one for this group too!

If you’re on Facebook feel free to join us.

The plan is for me to post your novel extract (with a short synopsis) on the home page then list them within the relevant genre heading.

For this site, there’s no lower word count limit, but because of my existing workload (stupidly busy) I am asking for a 5,000-word upper limit (because I will be reading everything I post) but if the natural break is a couple of hundred words over, that’s fine.

There’ll be no payment for the stories put on this blog because it’s all about feedback. They will also count as being published so bear this in mind when planning to submit to competitions etc.

Each extract can carry below it a 250-word max third-person biography of the author, one contact link (e.g. their website), one photograph of themselves (if they wish to include one) and a cover of their latest (or favourite) book (if they have one). To submit your extract, see Submissions.

There is no limit to the number of extracts you submit or how often, but they should be reasonably family-friendly, i.e. not overtly gruesome or sexual.

Each new posting is advertised on my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Yahoo profiles so it is a chance for extra traffic to your website too. 🙂

There will be no payment for any content posted on this sites and I do reserve the right to decline your extract if I feel it is inappropriate. All stories posted are deemed as published so bear this in mind if planning to submit elsewhere.

morgen - logo (med)I shall be monitoring comments so please leave positive / constructive feedback. Anything spiteful will be removed (or not approved in the first place).

Thank you for taking part and I hope it proves useful and enjoyable to all concerned.

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