Like a real writing group, I’d like to develop this site into somewhere where people can chat in real time,  and we can all do some daily writing exercises. I do have a forum but I’d like to host a chat aspect of the writing group here rather than take it elsewhere.

In the meantime there’s also a Facebook Group ( for this blog site.

Whilst I’m working out the logistics, let me know what you think… and what you’d like from this site.

4 thoughts on “Forum

  1. I only discovered this site a few days ago but I’m already in love with it and it’s proving to be a life-line for me. It can be a lonely profession, and I have been wanting to ‘mingle’ with other writers for some time. I mainly write full-length crime or mystery although I also venture into fantasy, so it’s genre fiction all the way for me. Since doing NaNoWriMo for the first time last November I have been sitting around procrastinating getting on with the 2nd draft, so I’m hoping this site will help me get back in the swing of things.
    I wrote six novels before the Nanonovel – they are all gathering dust in a drawer. Although I’ve always wanted to be a writer, since I was 8 years old, I still haven’t made it my first priority – other things have always got in the way, but I’m hoping that will change now as things have changed in my life and that has made me reassess my priorities. From my point of view, I’ve had a really, really long apprenticeship and now I’m ready to work on creating professional quality fiction.

  2. Thank you for your great comment, Caron. I’ve done NaNo five times and it’s the only thing that gets me writing ‘chunks’. I love it.
    It’s great having you involved in my sites – thank you for your support.
    I didn’t discover creative writing until my late 30s and whenever I interviewed a writer who said they’d always wanted to be a writer, I wished I had but then I reminded myself that I had 30+ years’ experience to write about and I do think it’s made me a better writer. That and the five NaNos. 🙂


    • I’d done my own mini-nano a couple of years ago, so I thought an official nano would be a breeze, but I wasn’t very organised and really struggled in the final week, so when I finally reached the end of my story and uploaded it for verification I felt like crying when I realised I’d ‘made it’ to 50,000 words! Now all I’ve got to do is hammer it into shape. Because I was working full time during Nano, I wrote the story a different way – I just did any bit that came to mind instead of working from beginning to end. The result was a nightmare – it took me hours to get everything into the right order to begin rewriting it, which I’m now doing, but it was an amazingly helpful experience, and I would thoroughly recommend it.

  3. The thing I found with NaNo is that if you missed a few days, it would then be a struggle to catch up. For the first three I worked a mixture of full- and part-time so it was fairly easy to find the time (my eBook was a 117,540-word first draft in 2009). Then in 2011 and 2012, I had the blog so I only scrapped through. In 2011 I wrote 3,000 words on the first day then nothing til day 23 so you can imagine how tough it was writing 47,000 words in eight days. I vowed not to repeat that in 2012 although there were a few days of no writing so there was still a rush at the end but not quite as manic.

    Last year I wrote the first of a crime series and it ended up in exactly the same way as yours; a mash-up of characters present day, historical (their childhoods to show why they ended up the way they did) and scenes. I’ve only ever plotted one book (the first) because the writing process took over but with the latest, I’m going to plan the whole series to at least get some form of structure. I did love it though and wrote my progress on 🙂

    Although not wishing my time away (because it goes quickly enough), I’m already looking forward to this year’s NaNo and will probably write the second in the series, although I have plenty of ideas for others.

    I started (2005) writing short stories and always saw novels taking a year to do (because that’s what I’d heard – and with the editing it’s probably not far off) but I didn’t want to spend that long on one story but then in 2008 I heard about NaNoWriMo and it appealed. Short stories will always be my first love but we can have more than one, can’t we? 🙂

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