This page is purely for you, as writers / readers to ask and answer questions.

As per every other page of this blog, I will be keeping an eye on comments so please be nice to each other… but then you’re writers, I wouldn’t expect anything less. 🙂

The good ones will go on this page. Here’s one to start you off…

  • Beginnings – this was discussed on my forum (thread: Problems with Introductions), where I say, “Beginnings should invariably start with the action. Avoid info. dumps where you giving so much to the reader that their brain hurts especially where it’s irrelevant – do they need to know where the main character (protagonist) went to school? Sure, if it’s relevant and if they’re still there, or they’re reflecting back on it for a reason. That said, when you’re writing a first draft it doesn’t really matter how you start. It’s often said that an author can either delete (or better still cut / paste into another document) the first two chapters because the action starts in the third. If the first two chapters are important they can be slotted in later. Sure, we need to know who our protagonist is, the dilemma they’re facing, an indication of setting and another character fairly soon as they’re bound to have an interaction with someone else at some stage and it’s often another character (the antagonist) that causes our protagonist the problem”.

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